GE CMH-TC 35w 842 G8.5 26348 Metal Halide

GE CMH-TC 35w 842 G8.5 26348 Metal Halide


GE Lighting HID Metal Halide Capsule 35W 2-Pin ConstantColor NDL Cool White Clear CMH35


  • Cap type: G8.5
  • Power Consumption: 35W
  • Colour Output: Cool White


ConstantColor™ blend two technologies of HPS and Metal Halide creating a product that has a perfect colour rendering capabilities.


This HID capsule light bulb produces an exceptionally bright light output in Cool white. What makes it a great lighting solution for commercial and retail areas.


Ceramic Metal Halide present here is a perfect replacement for Quartz Metal Halide. The light bulbs expected life is 15,000 hours and it uses 35W.


Fitted with a G8.5 2-pin (8.5mm apart) base.

Not suitable for dimming.

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